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2017, 2016 and 2015

 Kevin B. Kamen, President/CEO

Throughout the years, Kamen & Co. has gained a level of experience unequaled in the publishing industry. For four years, President and CEO Kevin B. Kamen wrote the leading monthly Management column on Publishing for Editor & Publisher’s FPP magazine. Our success benefits our customers and their management teams. We know the business and can make a difference for you.

Kamen & Co. offers a full range of print-media services. Our firm is family owned and operated and we are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction with the highest degree of quality service.

Kamen & Co. has the resources, specialized knowledge and experience to handle complex projects. Whether brokering the sale of a media company or a single publication, appraising a newspaper, shopper, magazine, book publishing, video game, listing or database organization for full valuation, or creating a structured formal business plan, our team builds a relationship that is long-term and based on mutual respect and trust. Understanding each individual client’s confidential needs and fostering a working relationship that achieves their specific goals is of utmost importance to us. That’s the reason we keep listening.

New York Daily News real-estate value could mitigate liabilities in tronc deal while new New York footprint could make tronc a more attractive target, industry sources conclude.

Published: 9/5/17 – Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times publisher tronc Inc. added a major market to its portfolio with its purchase of the New York Daily News at a $1 cash purchase price coupled with the assumption of more than $61.2m in liabilities, and industry sources responded with cautious optimism.. [Read More]

Still, the Globe didn’t lose all of its value at once. In 2010, when entrepreneur Aaron Kushner came calling only to be turned away by Times Co. management, a sale would likely have fetched $120 million in the view of media appraiser Kevin Kamen. By February of this year, he’d adjusted his estimate down to $63 million, just $7 million off the actual price Henry paid. (Kamen was similarly on target in guessing how much Tribune Co. would sell Newsday for; Cablevision CVC +5.2% paid $650 million for it in 2008.) Jeff Bercovici, Forbes

Kevin Kamen, a media appraiser at Kamen & Co. Group Services in Uniondale, NY correctly predicted as far back as 2010 that a buyer would be willing to pay $42 million to $51 million for The Journal . . .”They paid about $4 million to $5 million more than they should have,” Kamen told WPRI.com . . . Kamen suggested GateHouse was motivated to pay a premium in part to ensure a competing newspaper chain didn’t get The (Providence) Journal instead. Ted Nessi, Reporter, WPRI 12 / WPRI.com
“Kevin Kamen works relentlessly. Whenever he speaks about the publishing business or companies, I pay close attention.” Paul Tash (Mr. Tash is Chairman of the Pulitzer Board and Chairman/CEO of the Tampa Bay Times)


As a multi-media valuation firm based in New York, our team is thinking broadcast and print-digital growth this year and we expect the stock market to be the place on which to keep both eyes centered…Read More

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Appraisals by experienced professionals using proven and substantiated research and the most reliable valuation techniques are more important now than ever. Kamen & Co. Group Services brings impeccable credentials and expert knowledge to bear for you in preparing an appraisal of unquestionable quality and reliability. An appraisal is not only a number. There must be a reason, analysis and documentation behind it. No valuation team in the print and digital media arena can provide that better than ours. If you require a strong business plan or certified valuation, call or email us today. We would be delighted to assist you with confidential, caring service. Our clients mean the world to us and we will do everything we can to work with and help you. The size of your publishing enterprise does not matter. The quality of our work does!
“Kevin Kamen is one of the world’s best known and most prolific brokers of media properties and companies.” Gypsy C. Gallardo, CEO/Publisher, The Power Broker Magazine, St Petersburg, Florida

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